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Carers Action Worcestershire

Carers Action Worcestershire is a consortium of organisations, working together to provide a range of quality services for carers.

As well as Crossroads Caring for Carers, the consortium includes Worcestershire Association of Carers (


Together, we offer carers within Worcestershire:

•   Respite breaks for carers.
•   Advice through our telephone helpline (0300 012 4272).
•   A free newsletter and handbook for carers.
•   Respite breaks, with personal care, if required.
•   Opportunities to meet other carers to share experience through local support groups.
•   Telephone support through a series of volunteers.
•   Support through GP practices and practical courses.
•   Hands-on support through a registered Home Care service.
•   Recognition of carers experiences and needs.
•   An opportunity to influence local decisions by representing carers at Council and NHS meetings.
•   The chance to shape the way carer related services are developed.
•   Links with other organisations and “signposting” to others who can provide advice and support.

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